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The day finally came for me to introduce Juliette to a select group of people. 

Last Sunday on 9/21 at 6AM, while most people were still sleeping, I made my way to the local garage to rent a zipvan for a few hours.

It was launch day and I had spent the past week tirelessly packing my custom-made black laundry bags into little brown packages tied with ribbon. 

My goal was to surprise everyone with my packages early Sunday morning.  I wanted to give them something unexpected that would make them happy.  I wanted them to open their door and find a beautiful package waiting for them.

I had spent previous months testing so many different laundry bags, scents, ribbons and boxes. I wanted every detail to make a lasting impression. 

So with the help of family and friends I was able to meet my deadline and have a few hundred welcome packages ready to be distributed.  By 9AM Sunday morning, we had successfully distributed all the welcome packages.

That was only the beginning. 

Then came the long wait of constantly logging onto Google Analytics and iTunes Connect to see how many downloads or visits Juliette was getting. 

It was like a drug.  I got a small high from every website visit, app download, and registered user.  Then suddenly a few hours later my first order came in.  Then a second order came.  Then a third...

I couldn't believe it!  I wasn't sure what to expect.  But it was definitely exciting to see real people download the app, become a registered user, and place on order on DAY 1.

The next couple of weeks brought on more downloads, more users, and more orders.  But I think the best part of it all was generating repeat customers. I generated my first repeat customer exactly one week after launch.  My second week was filled with even more new customers and more repeat customers. 

The feedback from everyone was amazing!  Everyone loved the surprise packages waiting for them outside their door.  If they tried the service, they loved the ease, quality, and quick turnaround time of the service. 

As more people tried the service and used it again, I also noticed an increase in invite requests.   Even if you didn't receive a formal invitation to try Juliette, you can still download the app at and request an invite.  I suspect that my customers enjoyed the service so much, they immediately told their friends about it. 

Hearing customer feedback was probably the most rewarding part.  I started the company because I personally was very unhappy with my local cleaners.  They ruined a lot of my clothes, didn't treat stains, didn't hang dry when they were supposed too - leading to many of my tops shrinking - etc etc.  I know these types of things can happen to anyone.  I know I will make mistakes along the way too.  But I think my approach makes all the difference.  I truly care about clean clothes that smell good.  I do NOT want to damage ANY of my customers' clothes - even if it is by accident.  So I personally (along with my team), carefully go through each item of clothing and separate them accordingly.  When in doubt, we just read the label and follow the instructions.  I think this kind of attentiveness is what makes all the difference. 

In the end, I truly believe it is about clean clothes that smell good.  It doesn't matter if you've developed the greatest technology in the world or the most efficient system.  If people's clothes aren't cared for properly, what's the point?


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